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Our Work
Birth to Age 5

Brain development occurs fastest in the early years, between ages 0-5. This is when the foundation for all later learning occurs. That's why Dayton and Montgomery County are investing in children beginning at birth.

1-Birth to 3

Birth to Age 3:

Watch this video about the impact of Help Me Grow home visitors.

Click here to learn how to enroll.


Learn to Earn Dayton is committed to supporting children prenatally to age 3, when their brains are developing most rapidly and the foundation for future success is being built. Our Birth to 3 work focuses on:


  • Increasing the quality of early health and education services for young children

  • Increasing equitable access to these critical services

  • Educating our community about the need and benefit of increased investment in the earliest years


Learn to Earn Dayton leads the Montgomery County Birth to 3 Collaborative, which includes partners that serve infants and toddlers and their families; social service agencies; public health, hospital and health care leaders; and philanthropic organizations. The Collaborative meets regularly and has been instrumental in bringing new funding to our community to support young children.


Click here to read the Collaborative’s quarterly updates.

In 2020, Learn to Earn was recognized for its leadership of the Montgomery County Birth to 3 Collaborative and was awarded a 3-year $350,000 grant by the Pritzker Children’s Initiative.

This funding is supporting expanded access to early interventions for infants and toddlers, including evidenced-based home visiting, with a particular focus on improving health outcomes for African-American young children in Montgomery County.

Also in 2020, the Ohio Department of Education awarded our community a 3-year grant of nearly $400,000 to promote early literacy among children from 0-5. The award will support 5 early learning programs in their teaching of early literacy. It will be administered by the Miami Valley Child Development Centers, our local Head Start provider. Learn to Earn organized the partnership that will carry out the grant activities. We are the only grantee in the State whose work exclusively focuses on children’s literacy from 0-5.

To learn more, contact Hope Vuto at (937) 236-9965, ext. 2186.

3-Preschool Promise

Preschool Promise:

Started with leadership from Learn to Earn, the Dayton-Montgomery County Preschool Promise was created to help more children come to Kindergarten ready to learn. It is making at least one year of high quality Preschool more available and affordable to families with 4-year-olds.


Thanks to Dayton voters and Montgomery County, Preschool Promise:

  • HELPS Preschool providers improve their programming

  • PROVIDES need-based tuition assistance

  • EDUCATES the community about the importance of children attending Preschool

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