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Summer & Afterschool

Providing Quality Afterschool Programming

Our Summer and Afterschool Collaborative (SASC) is a collaborative of partners focused on delivering quality out-of-school time programming for Montgomery County students.


The SASC centers its focus on quality—around five metric areas:

  1. Attendance

  2. Academics

  3. Social & Emotional Learning

  4. Health

  5. Family Engagement

Understanding that a student’s academic success isn’t solely based on what happens in the classroom, Learn to Earn Dayton launched the Summer and Afterschool Collaborative in 2017. The program has expanded to include dozens of formal and informal out-of-school organizations, striving to provide best practices for high-quality learning experiences. 


Led by the Director of K12 Initiatives, the SASC provides professional development opportunities, hosts special events, coordinates job fairs, and serves as a central point for resources and best practices for out-of-school educators.


Toolkit Materials:

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