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Data & Policy

Learn to Earn is working at a systems level to encourage educational success.

Much of our effort is “behind the scenes,” focused on providing the data, expertise, backbone support, and collaborative structure to move initiatives forward. On these pages you can explore the data yourself, and see how it drives our policy priorities in support of area youth.

Learn to Earn Annual Reports


Each year, Learn to Earn Dayton publishes an annual report, highlighting not just our efforts over the past year, but taking a close look at data across Montgomery County for student success at key benchmark indicators. 

Learn to Earn School District Data


In successful schools, a thorough look at data guides decisions. Available here, all engaged community members have access to the same helpful data in order, empowering residents to advocate for best educational practices and policy solutions.

Learn to Earn Strategic Plan


In 2022, Learn to Earn Dayton trustees and staff gathered with engaged community members to reflect on past successes and challenges and set the course for the next three years. The 2023-2024 Strategic Plan is our roadmap toward student achievement.

Learn to Earn Close the Gap


Acknowledging which students are behind at the start, or when a gap is widening, or where a gap has been closed are all things we need to understand if we want to give every child an equal chance at success.


The THEORY OF ACTION guides Learn to Earn Dayton’s Cradle to Career efforts in building the civic infrastructure required to improve outcomes for youth and families. Learn to Earn Dayton was honored in 2023 to be awarded the Systems Transformation designation, celebrating the commitment over the past decade to focus on data and collaboration in support of youth academic achievement.

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