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Our Work
Equitable Opportunities

Opportunity in Montgomery County should not depend on what you look like or where you grow up.

Learn to Earn Dayton convenes educators, students, and community members. Together, we work to identify and eliminate practices that perpetuate inequities, particularly for Black and Latinx students and students experiencing poverty.

1:Undesign the Redline

Undesign the Redline

Undesign the Redline examines barriers and bridges in our community through the experiences of people and communities affected by the legacy of redlining. Timelines, maps and narratives depict the origin and lasting effects of redlining — a practice which embedded segregation and inequality into the development of American cities and suburbs. Learn more by clicking here.

2:Equity Fellows

Equity Fellows

In partnership with the Montgomery County Educational Service Center, Learn to Earn has created an Equity Fellows Program for school administrators and teachers who are committed to embedding culturally responsive practices in their schools. This effort has involved dozens of individuals who are taking the lead in their buildings to promote culturally responsive teaching and polices.


Community Action Planning

We know that schools alone cannot bridge the stubborn achievement gaps that are well-documented among marginalized students. Our community is developing an initiative that brings together partners from multiple sectors to combat systemic and institutionalized inequities affecting families and children. That effort is led by the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, with substantial support from Learn to Earn. Updates, including an equity organizational self-assessment tool, will be available here soon. All of the Dayton community's efforts around promoting equity are focused on systems transformation.

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