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Undesign the Redline examines barriers and bridges in our community through the experiences of people and communities affected by the legacy of redlining.

Timelines, maps and narratives depict the origin and lasting effects of redlining — a practice which embedded segregation and inequality into the development of American cities and suburbs. The exhibit will be on display at the Main Library, 215 E. Third Street, August 6-September 25.

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Removing the Redline: How can equitable development strategies revitalize Dayton's economy and build shared prosperity?


This Lunch and Conversation event will feature Alison Geobel, PhD, Executive Director of the Greater Ohio Policy Center, with Torey Hollingsworth, Director of the Office of the Dayton City Commission and Nina Carter, Senior Vice President for Place-Based Strategies of Learn to Earn Dayton.

Please register to reserve your spot on Friday, August 20 from 12–1:30 p.m. at the Main Library, 215 E. Third Street.