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Kindergarten – 8th Grade

Strong attendance is critical for students to excel in school, while participating in afterschool and summer learning programs keeps children learning outside of school. Learn to Earn is helping reduce chronic absenteeism and promote quality out-of-school enrichment activities especially for high-need students.


Attendance Awareness

Good attendance is critical for children to succeed in school!

National and local data show that a student’s attendance, starting in Preschool and continuing through the elementary grades, directly correlates with the student’s academic success.

Students who chronically miss school in Kindergarten score lower on 3rd-grade reading and math assessments than students who have strong attendance.

Chronic absenteeism is defined as missing 10% of the school year—18 days or more in a 180-day school year.


Being out just 2 days every month throughout the year can add up to 18 days – leading a child to fall behind. It’s easy to underestimate how much school a child is missing if the days are intermittent.

Attendance Works, a national organization dedicated to reducing chronic absenteeism, has these tips for schools:


Know your data – Form a team to analyze student-level data on a monthly basis. Immediately reach out to families whose children are missing too many days.

Use positive attendance messages –  Continuously stress the importance of regular and on-time attendance. 

Enlist others – Communicate attendance data to teachers, families and afterschool providers. Educate them about how to encourage good attendance.

Share responsibility and accountability – Recognize that everyone can help create a culture of good attendance. Look to afterschool providers, libraries, city offices, businesses, and community volunteers to promote the importance of attendance, provide incentives and monitor progress.


Summer and After School Collaborative

Summer and Afterschool Collaborative is a collaborative made up of summer and afterschool programs focused on delivering quality out-of-school time programming for Montgomery County students. The Summer and Afterschool Collaborative (SASC) centers its focus on quality around five metric areas: attendance, academics, social and emotional learning, health and family engagement.

Fall Afterschool Job Fair 2022

Learn more, register for a date and time, and see our SASC members!

Afterschool Toolkit

This Toolkit is designed to help new afterschool programs in Dayton and Montgomery County startup and offer support to existing afterschool providers.

The resources include information from, but are not limited to:

The resources include information from existing and new 21st Century primary community-based partners including:

In response to the COVID 19 pandemic, this Toolkit also contains resources for remote learning, in-person classes, and hybrid opportunities.

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