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Overcoming Digital Inequity

In today's digital age, reliable internet access is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. The pandemic put into focus the critical need for students to have access to home-based internet access and the inequity that currently exists. Twenty-eight million American households still lack high-speed internet, creating a digital divide that disproportionately impacts low-income families, communities of color, and rural areas.

There is a new federal benefit program called the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) that could save families $30/month on internet bills, providing access to better job opportunities, education, and more. It is flexible because the discount can be applied to a current internet plan or any plan offered by participating providers. Some providers are even offering plans for $30 or less, so with the ACP discount, they are free!

Families and support providers are encourage to check availability/eligibility and apply online at

Learn to Earn Dayton, in partnership with Montgomery County Educational Service Center, The Dayton Foundation, Miami Valley Regional Planning Commissions, area school districts, and many private funders, worked together throughout the pandemic to address the digital divide by providing devices and helping address the lack of high-speed internet. “Remote learning is the new normal in education, and the divide in schools between who has access and who doesn’t is getting worse,” said Thomas Lasley, L2ED Director of Policy and Advocacy. “Access to connectivity, quality remote educational opportunities and devices must be addressed.”

Learn to Earn Dayton is participating in the #OnlineForAll campaign because we believe in the importance of sharing information about programs like the ACP, helping people sign up, and ensuring that everyone has access to affordable internet. If you aren’t sure how to get involved, check out the resources from Online For All, a national campaign launched by Civic Nation and the U.S. Department of Education working to close the digital divide. Online is for all of us, and together, we can ensure that all our neighbors, family, and friends are able to access the many opportunities that the digital world has to offer.


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