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Early Childhood Education

Learn to Earn Dayton’s longtime partner Preschool Promise brings expertise, outreach, and successful program management to the first milestone on the cradle-to-career continuum.

Why It Matters:

Kindergarten readiness is closely linked to future academic achievement and life success. During these critical formative years, children begin to explore and discover the wider world around them. They learn language, understand that letters form words, and relate words to the things they see. Children develop fundamental skills and responses in early childhood that build strong foundations for reading, counting, and social interactions.​

Kindergarten Readiness


Ohio uses the “Kindergarten Readiness Assessment” tool to facilitate guided observation of a child’s preparedness for school. Skilled kindergarten teachers assess students within the first six weeks of school to make determinations about the child’s knowledge and ability in four key areas: social and emotional development, language and literacy, mathematics, and physical well-being and motor development.


Preschool Promise

Thanks to Dayton voters and Montgomery County, Preschool Promise:


  • HELPS Preschool providers improve their programming

  • PROVIDES need-based tuition assistance

  • EDUCATES the community about the importance of children attending Preschool


Groundwork Ohio

Groundwork Ohio is a key statewide partner, focused on the time when children’s experiences and environments most influence their health, development, and life trajectory: from birth to age 5. Learn to Earn Dayton and Preschool Promise bring the commitment to data, research, and policy to the county level, for the benefit of area families and children.
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