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Northwest Dayton Partnership


Improving quality of life for residents by coordinating efforts to facilitate community engagement and achieve shared goals.


Healthy, vibrant, and thriving community.

In August 2021, Blue Meridian Partners (BMP) selected the Dayton Region to receive $8 million over two-years to fund impactful programs, projects, and collaborations designed to provide neighborhood-based two-generation supports that advance racial and economic equity, such as early childhood education, quality K-12 schools, and wraparound services for children and their families.


The Northwest Dayton Partnership (NWDP) is a cross-sector effort to engage residents, parents, children, government, schools, colleges, nonprofits, neighborhood groups, and faith-based organizations to work on solutions together. Core to the approach is the belief that the people living, working, and going to school in the neighborhoods need to be the center of this effort.


From 2021-2023, the many participants and stakeholders in Northwest Dayton Partnership (NWDP) worked to better understand the hopes and needs of the community and develop a sustainable vision for improving opportunities.




The result is a plan that highlights the shared priorities for the residents, organizations, and partners of Northwest Dayton in creating pathways to success for families. This thoughtful and strategic work resulted in a solid foundation that will positively impact the community for years to come. 


Thank you to the members of the NWDP Steering Committee, who all live or work in Northwest Dayton: 

Cheryl Garrett, Geraldine Pegues, Kalesha Scott, Chad Sloss, Sharon Taste and Lauretta Williams


The geographic footprint for the Northwest Dayton Partnership

The Community Investment Fund, a new model for proximate grant making developed in partnership between The Dayton Foundation and Learn to Earn Dayton, is an extension of the work of the Northwest Dayton Partnership to put the philanthropic decision making in the hands of the residents within the community who are most aware of the challenges and opportunities.

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