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NWDP Plan Cover

Resident Vision for Northwest Dayton 

The Northwest Dayton Partnership, fondly named NWDP, was established in 2021 to center resident voices and support the community as it works to achieve collective goals.

Through a resident-led community steering committee, NWDP convened a cross-sector group of community stakeholders to implement special initiatives and develop a community plan focused on increasing racial equity, justice, and economic mobility for all residents—especially Black residents traditionally marginalized by the effects of redlining in northwest Dayton.


This plan outlines the goals, priorities, strategies, and specific ways that YOU can do your part in making our community better. Partnering with dedicated organizations, philanthropic champions, and accountable public officials to support this investable community plan, we will make our vision come to life.  

NWDP Steering

This document includes:

  • History of the NWDP

  • Overview of the community

  • Current challenges & assets

  • Testimonials from neighbors

  • Details on the resident needs (Early Childhood Education, K12 Education, Community & Culture, Housing)

  • Actionable next steps

  • Funding map

What's Next?!

Omega CDC, with support from a Promise Neighborhood Award, has launched the HOPE ZONE to ensure:

  • Resident voice is centered.

  • Strategies are prioritized.

  • Goals are reached.


Learn how to stay involved >

Thank you to the members of the NWDP Steering Committee, who all live or work in Northwest Dayton: 

  • Cheryl Garrett     

  • Geraldine Pegues     

  • Kalesha Scott  

  • Chad Sloss     

  • Sharon Taste

  • Lauretta Williams

NWDP Plan Cover

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