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Summer & Afterschool

Summer + Afterschool

Fostering Excellence & Ensuring Access for Out-of-School Time Programs

Our Summer + Afterschool Collaborative (SASC) is a network of partners focused on increasing access to high quality out-of-school time programming for Montgomery County students.


The SASC centers its focus on quality—around five metric areas:

​1. Attendance, 2. Academics, 3. Social & Emotional Learning,

4. Health, 5. Family Engagement

Understanding that a student’s academic success isn’t solely based on what happens in the classroom, Learn to Earn Dayton launched the Summer and Afterschool Collaborative in 2017. The program has expanded to include dozens of formal and informal out-of-school organizations, striving to provide best practices for high-quality learning experiences.


Led by Wesley Biles, II, the Manager of K12 Initiatives, the SASC is pleased to welcome formal and informal out-of-school time program partners and organizations. 


Email Wes to learn about how the SASC can support and grow your program. Or call: 937-225-4598 x4259.

Learn to Earn Summer and Afterschool Collaborative
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THANK YOU to our valuable sponsor support:

Iddings Foundation
Charles D. Berry Foundation
Nordson Corporation

Why Join the SASC?

Professional Development

  • Access in-person and online trainings.


  • Connect with other professionals in the field.


  • Regional data, including help in demonstrating your impact 

Expanded Programming

  • Access our catalog of curriculum options and project ideas to keep your out-of-school program fresh, relevant, and engaging.

Technical Assistance

  • Get help to better understand grant writing, governmental regulations, and required reporting.

And More...

  • Job fairs, special events, guest speakers, and a welcoming community dedicated to student success through out-of-school time programming!

Raise Your Voice!

Interested in advocating for stronger summer and afterschool programs?

Help to inform your community by accessing these templates for newsletters, sample newspaper articles, or social media posts.



Outcomes Matter

The SASC serves to provide technical assistance, professional development, and data analysis to out-of-school partners, empowering our member agencies to focus on what they do best—serving students. One method is through the use of Learning Circle—a software system Learn to Earn Dayton provides to partner agencies, coordinating training and support. With caregiver permission, out-of-school programs are able to see how their interventions have a positive impact on student academic achievement, attendance, and behavior. 

Consistently, over the last three years, SASC students were more likely to reach the goal of 90% school attendance compared to the total student body.

SASC Advocacy
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