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DREAM for Greater Educator Diversity

The mission of DREAM, the Diversity Recruitment Educators Association for Miami Valley, is

unifying efforts to recruit, support and mentor Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) educators by coordinating recruiting, mentoring and growing professionals across the Miami Valley.

We are working together as DREAM to increase the recruitment and retention of diverse educators in the Dayton, OH and Miami Valley Region.

Studies show Black, Latinx, Asian, Indigenous, and white students all benefit from having diverse educators. Passionate diverse educators of color provide positive role models, set high expectations, reduce negative discipline occurrences, and help students achieve better outcomes.

We are working together across our districts to implement exciting new strategies for recruiting high-quality teachers that represent the diversity of our communities and our students.

DREAM is also committed to supporting our current teachers by providing engaging workshops and professional development opportunities to create a more inclusive classroom experience.

We hope you will join us and consider how you might be involved in changing the lives of children and transforming our neighborhoods and schools. Learn more by connecting with Maya Dorsey.


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