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Gem City = STEM City

DO STEM, the Dayton Regional STEM School, and the Dayton Regional STEM Center were highlighted by the Ohio Department of Education, in their STEM stories section, for their "precedent-setting collaboration" in our region and their inclusive design. Jessica Short, director of the Dayton Regional STEM Center and DO STEM, said she's excited to have hundreds of STEM curriculum lessons available for anyone in the world to use and access in their own classroom. Congratulations, team, on moving the Gem City to STEM City!

Dayton, Ohio, known to many as Gem City, could well sport another moniker: STEM City. The label, STEM City, has been earned through a precedent-setting collaboration among dozens of partners who have worked together for years to serve learners while also addressing the STEM workforce needs of business and industry. Anchored by key organizations, including DO STEM, the Dayton Regional STEM Center and the Ohio STEM Learning Network. STEM initiatives in Dayton have been well coordinated, robust and collaborative.

Learn more about DO STEM and how the collaboration came about in this video:


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