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Op-Ed: Community Voice Is Critical

Submitted by Dr. Chad Sloss

Published in Dayton Daily News, April 28, 2023


DDN Editor’s Note: Throughout this week, Learn to Earn Dayton’s local, state and national partners will highlight the successes of their collective action approach, and the power of aligning with a shared vision across the cradle-to-career continuum to ensure that all learners have equal opportunity to achieve.

Community voice is an essential aspect of building and sustaining healthy, vibrant communities.

It is a means by which residents can express their needs, concerns, and ideas, and have them heard and acted upon by those in positions of authority. The importance of community voice lies in its ability to promote transparency, inclusivity, and accountability, ultimately leading to greater outcomes by means of community engagement and participation. At its core, community voice promotes communal autonomy to express their opinions, share their personal experiences, and offer feedback or expertise on issues that impact them and their neighborhood directly or indirectly.

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