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Op-Ed: Regional Partnership Drive Outcomes

Submitted by: Rep. Andrea White

Published April 30, 2023 in Dayton Daily News


DDN Editor’s Note: National organization StriveTogether announced this week that Learn to Earn Dayton received its highest designation - Systems Transformation. The honor signifies that Learn to Earn Dayton is on the leading edge of building the civic infrastructure necessary for all students to succeed, a designation bestowed on only three communities in the nation. Throughout this week, Learn to Earn Dayton’s local, state and national partners will highlight the successes of their collective action approach, and the power of aligning with a shared vision across the cradle-to-career continuum to ensure that all learners have equal opportunity to achieve.


“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.”

While baseball legend Yogi Berra and others have expressed that sentiment over the years, it’s not what we’re about here in Montgomery County. Our region does know where we are going when it comes to helping our students and adults achieve the skills they need to thrive to their fullest God-given potentials and succeed in an ever-changing workforce environment.

In fact, as a community, we have set a collective goal of helping 65% of our adults skill up to achieve a post-secondary marketable industry credential, a certificate or a degree.

How are we working to achieve this goal which will drive Ohio’s economic future vitality and our citizens’ health and stability? It’s a process powered by a regional partnership with leaders bringing stakeholders together across a wide range of sectors to begin with an end in mind and work backwards to create a plan of action.

In Montgomery County, our regional partnership is called Learn to Earn Dayton – and it’s one of the very best not only in our state but in the nation as evidenced by its recent “Systems Transformation” designation.

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