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Paid Fellowship Available

Bryan Stewart, Workforce Director for Learn to Earn Dayton and Montgomery County Educational Service Center, is seeking four (4) current college students to serve as fellows for the Inside Dayton program. The ideal candidates are pre-service teacher education students who are community-minded and excited for the opportunity to explore the future of work within our region.

Fellows will work ~32 hours/week with the responsibility of managing a team of 20+ high school interns. Fellows will interview intern candidates and help to manage the process from selection and during the program.

The application deadline is May 22 with a start date of May 30. Fellows will participate in a three-week training session to equip them with all the tools and resources needed to be successful in the position.

The high school intern program will run June 21-July 22, at which time fellow and interns will meet virtually every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

Questions? Ready to apply? Reach out to Bryan Stewart at


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