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Reporting on Success - 2022 - 2023 Annual Report

The 2022-2023 Learn to Earn Dayton Annual Report is here!

Within these pages, learn about innovative programs to support academic achievement, as well as place-based, two-generational efforts to support the whole family. Whether it is through the launching of a pilot program within a single school or the administration of a county-wide collaborative, Learn to Earn Dayton exists to increase the intellectual capital of the region. 

We can only chart a path to the future if we have a deep understanding of where we are. With that in mind, this report serves the region by providing data on educational outcomes for key milestones along the cradle-to-career continuum, with a special emphasis on year-over-year progress and status of pandemic rebound. 

Included in this year's report are gap closing counts for the number of additional students who must reach each milestone in order for our community to close achievement gaps. We intend for this data, particularly the gap closing information, to serve as a call to action.

Take a look at the online flipbook version or download a version of the annual report here.


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