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Shop for a Cause

Did you know that Learn to Earn Dayton is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization? As a nonprofit, we can benefit from some great programs in our local community -- and YOU can help!

If you shop at either Kroger or Dorothy Lane Market, you can link your shopper card to Learn to Earn Dayton. Your grocery store will add up your purchases throughout the year and make a small donation to us in your honor.

It's at NO CHARGE to you, and you only have to register once (or once a year).

WHY is it free to you? Our partners at Kroger and Dorothy Lane Market use this as a way to direct their own charitable gifts because they want to give to the places their customers like. This is how you can tell them you believe in the mission of Learn to Earn Dayton! Even though it's free -- it can do a lot of good!

Here's how:

Kroger Shoppers: Learn to Earn Dayton participates in the "Kroger Community Rewards" program. This means that Kroger Plus Card members can select L2ED as a "preferred charity," and we will get a donation from Kroger every quarter.

If you are a Kroger Plus Card customer, log into your digital account (online at your computer or through an app on your tablet phone) and enter our name or number (Learn to Earn Dayton = KL731).

Dorothy Lane Market Shoppers: Learn to Earn Dayton is Organization #998 as part of DLM's "Good Neighbor" program. It's easy to sign up!

Go online at (or you can print and fill out this form and return it to guest services).


It's so simple. Just by completing your regular shopping trips, you'll get food to fuel your family while also fueling the L2ED mission for stronger student outcomes. Thanks for your support!


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