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Book Study Delves into Ruthless Equity

Author Ken Williams holding book, Ruthless Equity

Learn to Earn Dayton is currently hosting a book study featuring Ruthless Equity by Ken Williams. The Dayton community has been engaging in a thought-provoking exploration of crucial topics such as belonging, professional learning communities (PLCs), diversity, inclusion, complacency, and dismantling inequitable practices within school settings. This four-session study, inspired by the work of Ken Williams, who visited in May, saw an enthusiastic participation from local educators, aiming to foster a more inclusive and equitable educational environment.

Ken Williams' visit left a lasting impression on the participants, inspiring them to engage deeply with the book's themes. The ongoing discussions reflect a commitment to fostering an educational environment that prioritizes equity, inclusion, and continuous improvement. As the study progresses, participants look forward to translating these insights into actionable plans that will benefit their schools and communities.

The first session, held on June 4th via Zoom, set a strong foundation for the study with participants from the Dayton community. Learn to Earn Dayton’s Manager of K-12 Initiatives, Wesley Biles II, guided the discussion through the first three chapters of the book. The conversation began with looking at the difference between diversity and belonging, emphasizing that diversity does not ensure a sense of belonging. Participants brainstormed practical strategies to create a school climate where every student feels authentically included.

Picture of front cover of Ruthless Equity, book by Ken Williams

Looking Ahead: Future Sessions

The book study promises to build on the insights gained in the first session with three more planned:

  • Session 2: Scheduled for June 18th via Zoom, will cover chapters 4-6.

  • Session 3: Set for July 9th via Zoom, focusing on chapters 7-8.

  • Session 4: The final session will be held in person at the Montgomery County Educational Service Center (MCESC) on July 23rd. This session will cover Chapter 9 and include an activity summarizing the book.  

Interested in joining future sessions of the book study?


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