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Collaboration is Key for Regional Success

When our CEO, Stacy Wall Schweikhart, was interviewed by Dayton Daily News, about the

momentum, challenges, and opportunities within our region, it shouldn't surprise you that collaboration was the core of her message.

She shared, "The region is well-prepared to overcome any potential hurdles due to the authentic way partners here collaborate. When challenges arise in the Dayton region, communities, organizations and leaders band together, and that is arguably our greatest strength and what sets us apart from other communities in the state and across the nation."

Stacy was interviewed not only because of her role leading Learn to Earn Dayton, the region's cradle-to-career backbone organizations, but also because she has a unique perspective on the challenges of the region as the co-author of the current Dayton Region Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS).

That CEDS deeply embedded equity and inclusiveness goals for the first time. When asked about that change, Stacy commented, “We know there are disparities in our region, and those disparities are not limited to one county or one city or one area or one industry... We are very committed to helping advance everyone in the region. And building a strong and resilient economy for all 13 counties and everybody who resides in those counties.”

Read more and hear from all leaders interviewed about the future of the Dayton region:


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