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Fun and Learning at the Harvest Party

On Wednesday, November 15, members of Learn to Earn Dayton's Early Grade Literacy Collaborative hosted a Harvest Party at Trotwood-Madison Early Learning Center, as part of the team's engagement with students in the Mighty Classroom program.

Students (kindergarten through second grade), with their caregivers and siblings enjoyed a full evening of dinner, crafts, and learning activities. The centerpiece of the event was the presentation of "Reading is Lit" boxes. These boxes, developed with support of educators and produced by Learn to Earn Dayton and ThinkTV PBS, include a book, multiple hands-on activities, craft supplies, and easy access to digital resources -- all age-appropriate and curriculum-aligned, specifically created to encourage at-home learning for the full family.

Special aspects of the night included:

  • Lisa Sensale Yazdian, from PBS, read the featured book (Chicka Chicka Boom Boom) aloud and demonstrated the ease and fun of activities for all families present.

  • RTA visited with the special November bus, allowing families and students to meet the driver and explore the bus.

  • Dr. Connie Bowman attended with University of Dayton students. The education majors have been serving as tutors throughout the fall in support of the student success. As part of the evening, the college students led craft activities and served the families pizza.

  • In addition to the Reading is Lit box distribution, every child received stickers, sunglasses, bookmarks, and special reminders that Every Day in School Matters. (Note: Our Reading is Lit mascot, Blaze, wears the same sunglasses!)

Thank you to the administrators, teachers, and staff from Trotwood-Madison City Schools who work so closely with Learn to Earn Dayton in the development and implementation of the Mighty Rams classrooms.


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