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Learn to Earn, community partners, announce $8 million investment in northwest Dayton


By Lauren Mixon

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Learn to Earn Dayton, in collaboration with community stakeholders, gathered Thursday to announce its new program, the Northwest Dayton Partnership.

Kristina Scott, CEO of the organization, described the program as, “a cross-sector, collaborative group of folks who are living and working in Northwest Dayton. Our goal is to catalyze work that’s happening here, so that every single child in northwest Dayton has the resources and relationships that they need to thrive.”

The partnership will accomplish that goal by working with community members and organizations including the City of Dayton, Preschool Promise, Dayton Public Schools and countless others — using a two-generational approach to enhance the culture and well-being of the community.

Chad Sloss, Dayton native and member of the steering committee for the Northwest Dayton Partnership board, said the program is a step toward community recovery.

“[After] years and years, generations and generations of being structurally disenfranchised, it starts to cause a behavioral or cultural dilemma, which is what we have to start to overcome right now….to get students and their parents and the community to see the opportunities.”

Learn to Earn staff said those educational opportunities will help ‘build economic and racial equity for northwest Dayton’s children and the adults in their lives,’ through a two-year, $8 million grant awarded by Blue Meridian Partners, and help give power back to residents and establishments in the city.

“Our job is to create a community in which people have ownership of their own lives and to figure out how to take the plans the community has for itself, the dreams the community has for itself, and how can we turbocharge them so that the community can have generational change,” said Scott.

Scott said Learn to Earn will be working with community partners to determine how to best invest that money over the next two years. To learn more about the Northwest Dayton Partnership, click here.


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