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Meet Phillip

It's National Intern Day!

Here at Learn to Earn Dayton, we want to celebrate our intern Phillip Talley. Let's meet Phillip and understand more about what drew him to Learn to Earn Dayton and why he opted for an internship.

What's your educational background and future plan?

Originally from Dayton, I'm a psychology major at the University of Dayton, graduating in December 2023.

Why did you seek out an internship?

I sought an internship for summer 2023 because despite me being a rising senior, I have had zero internship experience while being in college. I also wanted to see what potential career fields were available for someone majoring in psychology. Lastly, I wanted to be a part of an internship/organization that was dedicated to helping people within the Dayton community.

What has been the most surprising thing you've learned?

The most surprising thing I’ve learned is that there is a significant amount of families within the West Dayton community that are either at, or extremely below, the poverty line.

Any words of advise for other students?

I would suggest that students seeking summer internships start doing their research as early as possible (usually midway through spring semester). That way, they can really do thorough background research and find something that interests them and pertains to their major. I also suggest to students that they choose an internship that will compliment their resume. Lastly, I would recommend they look for paid internships over the summer because most summer internships are full-time, thus causing many students to lose out on making money through actual jobs.

Anything else you'd like to share?

I think this internship will help me better understand in the future the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Every person and their role are very important to keeping an organization running smoothly, and because I’ve been one of those “shadow workers,” I have a fonder appreciation and understanding for running a business.

Good luck on all that's ahead of you, Phillip, from the L2ED team!

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