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New Website for College Access

Learn to Earn Dayton works to help ensure that high school students have opportunities to attend college or seek a high-quality credential after graduation.

Why does it matter? NCES reports that in 2021, the median earnings of associate degree completers were 13% higher than the median earnings of people who completed high school. People who go on to complete their bachelor's degree had 37% higher median earnings compare to associate degree completers.

Postsecondary Education = Increased Personal Wealth

Because it's so critical to help students transition from high school to college, we're congratulating our partners at Montgomery County Educational Service Center for the launch of the new College Access web site -- a one-stop shop for resources to help demystify selecting a program, completing applications, earning scholarships and financial aid, scheduling campus visits, filling out the FAFSA, picking a major, and so much more.

The web site is full of resources and parents/students can link directly to the CollegeAccess Coordinator's calendar, to set a meeting with Mr. Rob Durkle.

Explore the site and prepare for postsecondary success TODAY!


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