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Thank You to Nina Carter

Nina Carter joined L2ED in July 2021, and most recently served as the Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives. Many residents and community partners know her for her impactful work as lead administrator supporting the Northwest Dayton Partnership - the catalytic investment from Blue Meridian Partners to address racial equity and economic mobility in Dayton.

Nina sharing her commitment to public service, place-based strategies with the University of Dayton MPA students during their induction into the Pi Alpha Alpha honor society (March 2022)

Now, we cheer her on as she steps into the role of Managing Partner, Place Based Portfolio with the Harlem Children's Zone William Julius Wilson Institute. Learn more about the incredible work the Institute is doing to to create place-based, people-focused solutions that open pathways to social and economic mobility.

Nina's final day with L2ED was May 5, 2023, but we are all committed that what she helped to develop and build will continue. Even in the short time we worked with Nina, her impact was undeniable; we are better not only because of the work accomplished with her strategic support and passion, but also for the friendship, thoughtfulness, and fun she brought to every interaction.

This isn't farewell, but rather thank you, good luck, and see you soon!


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