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Calling ALL High Schoolers Considering College

For all high school students -- and their families -- you're invited to the Greater Dayton College & Career Fair on Tuesday, October 24, from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., at Butler High School Student Activity Center at 600 South Dixie Drive in Vandalia.

(Note: Optional advanced registration can save you time at the door, but is not required!)

With FREE admission, easy registration, and over 100 colleges, universities, and local employers waiting for you, you must add this event to your calendar!

The event is hosted at Butler High School (Vandalia), but it is designed for ALL students from across the region to attend and benefit from the opportunity to meet with admissions teams from more than 80 colleges and universities throughout Ohio and the U.S. (plus several international colleges, too!).

Register in advance or at the door when you arrive.

Consider all your options as you meet with representatives from a wide range of schools with many different assets, specialties, and opportunities. Whether you're looking for:

  • a big school or a small school;

  • a school close to home or far away;

  • a school where you can play sports (soccer or quidditch), play music, or just play,

you can find YOUR perfect fit. But only if you start looking. This is the single largest college & career fair in our region to date. Don't miss it!

Questions? Contact the Greater Dayton College and Career Fair Liaison, Rob Durkle, at


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