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Celebration of Place

On Thursday, June 22, the Northwest Dayton Partnership celebrated the Power of Place: Resident Vision for Northwest Dayton. This event was the culmination of two years of hard work by 375+ residents and stakeholders defining their priorities and setting goals for their neighborhoods. The final document is a plan that will guide future investments and priority goal setting.

The sold out event welcomed more than 250 residents and stakeholders who participated in the work. It was a true celebration of the power, dedication, and leadership of the community, with music, food, poetry, an inspiring performance from young scholars, and a message of ongoing commitment from the neighbors who have been leading the effort. Thank you to everyone who came together, over the past two years and for the celebration. The work is just beginning -- see what's coming next by reviewing the plan and sign up to be a part of the ongoing work, led by Omega CDC.


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