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Undesign the Redline


April 2022

The HUB powered by PNC at the Dayton Arcade

Free and Open to the Public

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Redlining maps, introduced in the 1930s, delineated risk areas for federally-funded home ownership programs. Neighborhoods where no investment would be made were outlined in red–literally “redlined”–and race was the primary factor in determining these zones. Because they were often unable to access housing loans, mortgages, and other financial services, residents of redlined areas were left with fewer housing and employment opportunities. A shrinking tax base led to insufficient public services and concentrated poverty. Meanwhile, investment poured into rapidly expanding, whiter suburbs, where families could purchase property and accrue wealth over time, while also accessing better-funded schools, jobs and healthcare.

Visitors can place themselves on the map to see how policies may have advantaged or disadvantaged their families and neighbors.

To learn more about Dayton’s racial history, watch the Dayton Daily News' Roots of Racism series here.

Host sites:

August 6-September 25

Dayton Metro Library

October 1-31, 2021

University of Dayton Roesch Library - First floor

November 8-30, 2021

Sinclair College

February 2022

Wright State University

March 7–April 1, 2022

West Branch Library

April 2022

The HUB powered by PNC at the Dayton Arcade

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Undesign the Red Line

Undesign the Redline examines barriers and bridges in our community through the experiences of people and communities affected by the legacy of redlining.

Sponsored by:

CareSource • Cox First Media • DATV • The Dayton Foundation • Dayton Metro Library Foundation • Evans Motorworks • Fifth Third Bank • Friends of the Library • Key Bank • LCNB Bank • Mathile Family Foundation • Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission • Montgomery County Arts and Culture District • Montgomery County Educational Service Center • PNC • Premier Health • Sinclair College • State Library of Ohio, with federal funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services • StriveTogether • Trotwood-Madison Schools • University of Dayton • Wright State University

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