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Place Matters

Because what happens outside the classroom has a strong influence on student success.

For decades, many national efforts have encouraged organizations to focus on program success—what happens in the classroom, what happens after school, what happens over the summer.


While stand-alone programs may have excellent outcomes, these isolated approaches have not moved the needle on overall educational attainment and achievement. Learn to Earn Dayton has re-committed efforts to a two-generational, place-based model that examines the environment around the family in working to educate the child.


Learn to Earn Dayton is honored to be active in national cohorts that adhere to a theory of action dedicated to focusing on data, elevating best practices and leveraging participant voice.


This commitment is reflected in the new Strategic Plan, demonstrating that in order to reach our equitable goals toward stronger educational outcomes, we must focus equally on neighborhood interventions, cross-sector support, and cradle-to-career milestones.


Learn more about how Learn to Earn Dayton is committed to place through by exploring our work with the Northwest Dayton Partnership, the Community Investment Fund, the Two-Generation Committee, and our many place-based partners.


Learn to Earn Dayton is proud to be part of StriveTogether, a national network of nearly 70 communities that use a rigorous approach to get better results for kids.


We've received generous funding from the Lumina Foundation, which is spurring A Stronger Nation Through Higher Education.

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