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L2ED honored as Finalist

The Carnegie Corporation has named Learn to Earn Dayton/Omega CDC one of 11 finalists from across the nation for its Profiles in Collective Leadership. Our partnership will be featured on their website and we will have the opportunity to participate in a Community of Practice, a series of virtual learning experiences hosted by Transcend, which will focus on peer-to-peer organizational capacity-building opportunities, expanding their networks, exploring topics and challenges based on their needs, and learning from and with other partnerships committed to collaborative problem-solving and greater opportunities for students.

We are incredibly excited by the opportunity to participate in the Community of Practice. Our small and mighty team has worked hard to learn best practices and create sustainable systems that will best serve our community. The national reputation of the Carnegie Foundation and the Profiles in Collective Leadership Award will help strengthen our process for greater impact and elevate our community in the eyes of both local and national decision makers.


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