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Lights On Afterschool

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

October 26, 2023 is a celebration of how important it is to keep #LightsOnAfterschool!

Learn to Earn Dayton’s Summer and Afterschool Collaborative promotes youth development and success by working collaboratively with program providers to increase access to high-quality afterschool and summer programs. We know that out-of-school time programs are critical assets for our community, crucial for the healthy development of young people, and essential to families.

The Montgomery County Commissioners have recognized the importance of out-of-school education. Commission President Debbie Lieberman shared how the priorities of the County and L2ED's Summer + Afterschool Collaborative align, saying, "Learn to Earn's evidence-based programming allows Montgomery County children to grow not only academically, but also socially, emotionally and physically. Their critical services are proven to decrease behavior problems while increasing family engagement and school attendance. Our children truly are our future and that's why we're proud to support and invest in Learn to Earn's mission."

We encourage all afterschool participants and supporters (students, caregivers, providers, teachers) to take a picture of you or your team wearing BLUE on October 26 and leverage your social media to spread the word about how critical it is that we keep #LightsOnAfterschool as part of the #DaytonSASC. Tag Learn to Earn Dayton (@LtoED) so we can amplify your message!

"Our children truly are our future and that's why we're proud to support and invest in Learn to Earn's mission." Commission President Debbie Lieberman


Learn to Earn Dayton provides resources, tools, and trainings to assist program providers as they monitor the progress of program participants’ in social-emotional learning, academic behavior and growth, attendance, family engagement, healthy lifestyles. The Summer and Afterschool Collaborative is committed to serving all students, particularly young people who lack access to enriching activities that help children grow up to be well-rounded and successful adults.

About the Poster Art:

This year's poster was created by Lydia Ireland, a seventh-grade student from Folks Middle School Art Club. Lydia’s drawing features afterschool imagery, including a ballet slipper, a football, a theater mask, a chess piece, and a computer mouse – all radiating from a glowing lightbulb and symbolizing the range of passions afterschool encompasses. A light switch appears at the top of the poster to signify keeping the #LightsOnAfterschool.


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