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Learn to Earn Dayton’s Summer and Afterschool Collaborative Celebrates Lights on Afterschool

Learn to Earn Dayton’s Summer and Afterschool Collaborative is celebrating Lights on Afterschool on October 20, 2022. Launched in October 2000, Lights On Afterschool is the only nationwide event celebrating after school programs and their important role in the lives of children, families and communities.

Learn to Earn Dayton’s Summer and Afterschool Collaborative promotes youth development and success by working collaboratively with program providers to increase access to high-quality afterschool and summer programs. We believe these out-of-school time programs are critical assets for our community, crucial for the healthy development of young people, and essential to families. Learn to Earn Dayton helps program providers to monitor the progress of program participants’ in social-emotional learning, academic behavior and growth, attendance, family engagement, healthy lifestyles. The Summer and Afterschool Collaborative is committed to serving all students, particularly young people who lack access to enriching activities that help children grow up to be well-rounded and successful adults.

Learn to Earn Dayton is grateful to the Montgomery County Commissioners for their recognition of the importance of afterschool programming in a resolution presented on October 18, 2022. "After-school programming is a critical resource for working parents that not only keeps their children safe but also prepares them to succeed in higher education and in the workforce," said Montgomery County Commission President Carolyn Rice. "We're happy to recognize its importance in preparing Montgomery County for the future."

On October 20, 2022, Learn to Earn Dayton will join with Adventure Central and other Summer and Afterschool Collaborative members for Harvest Fest, an event to help celebrate Lights on Afterschool. Families are welcome to come to enjoy activities from 6:30-8:00 PM. At 7:30 PM, participants will gather and shine small flashlights up in the sky to signify the importance of afterschool programming.

Event information:

Harvest Fest - a celebration of Lights on Afterschool

Thursday October 20, 2022 from 6:30 - 8:00 PM

Adventure Central

2222 N James H McGee Blvd.

Dayton, Ohio 45417


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