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Gov. DeWine in Dayton

Learn to Earn supports a focus on the science of reading

Northridge’s changed approach to reading would mirror what DeWine wants to see across Ohio

From the Dayton Daily News:

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine visited Northridge Schools Thursday to see the results of implementing the science of reading in the district. Under the governor’s current budget plan, all schools would be mandated to use a science-backed reading approach. Ohio does not currently mandate how schools teach reading. This school year, Northridge fully implemented a new science of reading curriculum, Superintendent Dave Jackson said. Previously, the district used a whole language approach. In curriculums based in the science of reading, the emphasis is on phonics and teaching skills to identify words. Whole language focuses on using speaking, writing and sounds to teach children to read, whereas the science of reading uses neuroscience.

Jackson said the district started this school year with 28% of kindergarten students on track for reading, and as of March 13, 73% of those students were on track. In the 2018-2019 school year, by the end of the school year, 46% of kindergarten students were on track.

Photo Credit: Paul Vernon/AP File Photo


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